Sennheiser pilot project using customer app

Hamburg, November 2, 2021: Customer app instead of in-store monitors: With the MeinSennheiser app, the audio technology manufacturer wants to personalize the customer approach. Sennheiser’s technically complex products are to be explained and interactively experienced. The app also makes it possible to enter into a personalized dialog with customers and only send them messages and offers when they are in front of a shelf with Sennheiser products. Read more

Business of Shopping

locandis is nominated by Business of Shopping as top technology company for retail in Germany

Göttingen, October 26, 2021: locandis was nominated in October 2021 as one of the 71 top technology companies for the retail industry in Germany. Startups and companies that contribute to the renewal of the retail technology industry and make brick-and-mortar retail more attractive and digital with exciting solutions and innovative technologies were nominated by Business of Shopping.

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locandis im TECHTIDE TALK

locandis at TECHTIDE TALK

Göttingen, Oktober 12, 2021: locandis is represented on October 14, 2021 as one of 4 showcasing start-ups of the digital and technological industry within the new event series TECHTIDE TALK. In this digital format, the innovative business models and ideas will be presented and discussed to interested viewers and investors.
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