• Digitize the customer experience at your DIY store

    Create a personalized dialogue with each of your customers using location-based marketing, indoor navigation and more.

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    Location-based communication with your customers via their preferred communication channel – their own smartphone.

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    Upselling und Cross-Selling mit der digitalen Kundenkarte
  • Indoor navigation and product search

    Enable your customers to find all 60,000 DIY store products with the mobile app.

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  • Digital customer card

    Increased sales through gamification-based bonus point system of the digital customer card.

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  • Digital signage in the DIY store

    Reach all customers directly on the sales floor.

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Digital Customer Experience at hagebaumarkt

In the current field of tension between online retail and stationary retail, it is becoming increasingly important to digitize the shopping experience. In order to meet customer expectations and strengthen the attractiveness of stationary retail in the long term, the physical shopping experience must be digitally accompanied. For hagebaumarkt in particular, there are many exciting application possibilities within the framework of a mobile app. Such an app for Android and iOS has already been successfully implemented with C. J. Wigger KG for the hagebaumarkt Neumünster 1.

The so-called WIGGI app enables direct digital dialog with every customer at the hagebaumarkt. This offers a wide range of opportunities to talk to customers directly in the store and at the shelves via an app and to gain valuable insights into customer behavior.

We know from various pilot projects that sending coupons and content campaigns through a retailer-specific app can lead to additional sales in the double-digit range. Furthermore, customers are less frustrated by a product search with indoor navigation and stay longer on the sales floor. As a result, the average receipt increases.

Such an app in hagebau design can be flexibly adapted to your stores and individual design language, and can be expanded over time to include additional stores. locandis does not take a prominent role at any point and sees itself as a full-service provider for the implementation of your digital customer experience in your market. We cover every step of the process and design your individual solution from a single source.

Location-based Marketing
coupons and information directly at the shelf

Location-based marketing means that a hagebau app sends customers information and offers directly at the shelf via a push impulse to their own smartphone. These messages are always personalized and location-based, and therefore the likelihood that they will be read directly is very high.

Here’s an example:
A customer who spends 5 minutes in front of the shelf with fischer dowels and has previously visited the bathroom department has a high interest in an offer for fischer wet room dowels.

This takes into account the development that the printed brochure increasingly has to be supplemented by digital communication.
In addition to improving the customer experience, these messages and offers have a measurable effect on the average receipt and thus on sales. In projects in the food retail and fashion industries, using the same technology, sales increases of between 10% and 30% have been realized compared to customers without the retailer-specific app.

How do your customers receive the offers and information?

The customer receives the location-based messages via a push impulse from the mobile app. They can open the app to read the content of the campaign and, if necessary, save a coupon for later redemption at the checkout.

The delivery of the messages can be controlled by a variety of criteria in addition to location. These can be, for example, time of day or previously received campaigns. For a customer who owns his own home and has a large garden, other coupons and information are relevant than for a customer who rents an apartment with a balcony.

After the campaigns have been delivered, they are evaluated continuously via the locandis backend. A distinction can be made here between coupons and content campaigns. Further differentiation options, such as evaluation according to the media type used (video, image slider, single image) in the campaign are also possible. Based on this evaluation, the campaign setup is continuously adapted and optimized.

Wide range of applications for location-based marketing campaigns

  • Location-based Couponing

    Generate additional sales through targeted, personalized couponing at the shelf.

  • Location-based Content

    Information on products, inspiration and recommendations for a better shopping experience.

  • Events, anniversaries, events in the market

    Let your customers know when they are most interested: on site in your store.

  • Information about Services

    Do you offer services such as cutting, color mixing and the like? Let your customers know at the POS.

  • Customer surveys directly at the POS

    Market research has never been so relevant and easy: capture customer satisfaction systematically.

Indoor Navigation
product search and step-by-step navigation

Indoor navigation is a central component of an app for your hagebaumarkt stores and enables customers to find all 60,000 products using the integrated product search. An interface to your merchandise management system provides the app with the corresponding product locations. For intuitive use by hagebaumarkt customers, the structure of the hagebau online store’s product groups has been adopted.

As a user interface, users will find a map of your hagebaumarkt store, on which they can get an overview of the sales area through icons of the upper categories. The product groups are colored for easier differentiation.

By locating customers in real time, the solution can always determine the direct route to the product they are looking for and guides the customer directly to the shelf with precise step-by-step instructions. At the same time, your employees have more time for important tasks.

In addition to the freed-up capacities of the employees, the evaluation of the product searches and the control of additional advertising impulses from the context are of course interesting. Our practical experience with navigation on the sales floor shows that

  • Indoor Navigation increases the length of stay in the store
  • Indoor Navigation generates additional purchases to a considerable extent.

Functions of locandis Indoor Navigation

  • Product search with suggestions for products in the range

    Even from home: generate real added information value by integrating all products of your hagebaumarkt.

  • Step-by-step navigation with accurate route guidance

    Left in 40m is still a dream of the future? With our step-by-step navigation, you can create the look and feel of Google Maps in your hagebaumarkt.

  • Visual recording of the markets and adaptation to your existing CI

    We take care of the digitization of your spaces.

  • Visualization of your individual product groups on the map

    In addition to the individual route instructions, our store map helps with intuitive orientation through the store.

  • Campaign targeting during navigation

    Who searches for color needs…? Cross-selling during navigation is particularly effective.

AR navigation in the DIY store

The indoor navigation of locandis can now be used in a first prototype with an augmented reality function.

During navigation, the camera image of the smartphone is displayed instead of the digital map. Navigation instructions are projected into this camera image, showing the route to the desired product.

This makes navigation much more intuitive to use. Users do not have to understand a digital map and translate it into a route. In the future, additional personalized offers can be displayed in the customer’s field of view during navigation. E.g., an offer for fertilizer products during AR navigation to ornamental plants.

Further information and application examples for AR navigation from locandis can be found here:

Digital customer card
collect bonus points and partner card integration

Customers of this hagebaumarkt app have the option of scanning their hagebau Partner Card directly during registration. This allows them to benefit from the advantages without having to show their plastic card.

Bonus points are awarded as part of the digital customer card. Customers receive bonus points when they refer friends to the app or when they buy certain promotional products. Bonus points can also be awarded for visiting the garden department. This system motivates customers to use the app in the long term as well and to advance to silver or gold status by collecting points.

The digital customer card in the form of an app enables us, unlike a plastic card, to measure exactly when, how long, and where your customers spend their time while shopping. This evaluation of walking routes and shopping behavior on a customer-specific level enables a new form of market research. Furthermore, it is possible to measure exactly which campaigns are well received by customers and which are not. This measurability of the messages played out enables the continuous optimization of offers on the sales floor.

The direct influence on sales and average receipt thus becomes transparent.


With the digital signage solution from locandis, you can reach all customers directly on the sales floor. Digital signage monitors are thus the ideal complement to the digital customer card, which enables holistic customer targeting on the sales floor. Customers who do not use the digital customer card can be addressed with promotional messages and information via the screens.

A wide variety of forms of customer address can be implemented on the monitors installed in highly frequented aisles. The advantage over classic in-store media such as shelf wobblers or display stands, apart from the more appealing appearance, is that campaigns can be exchanged in real time. It does not matter whether 1 or 100 screens have been installed. The campaigns can simply be assigned to the desired screens in the web interface.

No special requirements are necessary for the installation. Only a power supply and an internet connection through LAN or WiFi connection is required. In addition to the campaign types of product, icon and image campaigns shown below, video and text campaigns as well as individual layouts and formats can also be realized.

Further information on the digital signage solution
from locandis can be found here:


Via the locandis web interface, campaigns can be created on the basis of many targeting criteria. For this targeting, data from the locandis backend, 3D frequency meters and the digital customer card are combined in the Recommendation Engine to display the campaigns which have the highest relevance for the customers currently on the sales floor.


In combination with the digital customer card, this even enables personalized campaigns to be delivered to users of the digital customer card when they are in front of the monitor. These campaigns then match their interests, previous searches in the product search, or previous purchases. This enables the personalization of a usually non-personalized communication channel.

Business Analytics
360° view of your customers and the market

As a further product in addition to our three core added values, with Business Analytics we provide you with a data-driven 360° view of the performance of your hagebaumarkt.

On the one hand, the location data of your customers can be viewed on a person-specific level. This means that instead of aggregated heatmap representations, the entire route of the customer’s walk can be analyzed and aggregated into ideal-typical target groups, such as the walk of flower buyers aged between 40-50 on weekends. The flexibility and precision of the evaluation enables transparent insight into all customer movements in your hagebaumarkt. In addition, we combine three valuable data sources: the interaction data with the app, the location information and, of course, the checkout data.

The performance of the campaigns can also be viewed in real time. Here, it can be tracked live which campaigns are particularly well received by your customers and which are not. Evaluations can also be determined here, for example, by time of day, customer segment or length of stay. All this, of course, also in comparison between several of your markets. The possibilities of specific evaluations with relevance for the hagebaumarkt are thus extremely extensive and open up a new dimension in the continuous evaluation of your business.

All data and evaluations can be viewed flexibly in real time via our locandis dashboard.

Do you have specific KPIs in mind? No problem, our data science team is able to provide customized report units in the shortest possible time.


Frequency measurement via 3D stereo sensors provides insight into the volume of customers in the DIY store. When a sensor is placed at the entrance to the hagebaumarkt, it is possible to thereby measure

  • how many customers enter and leave the market,
  • how many customers are currently in the store,
  • what differences there are between this and the previous day’s, month’s or year’s visitor figures, and
  • how visitor numbers develop in the long term.

It is also possible to determine the proportion of customers who make a purchase. For this purpose, the number of realized purchases is compared with the number of customers visiting the store on a given day.

Stochastic methods are used to extrapolate the characteristics of the loyalty card users in the store to the total number of customers in the store. This makes it possible to classify the customers in the market with a high degree of probability.

Extensive evaluations and extremely specific customer targeting are thus possible through the combination of digital loyalty card and frequency measurement.

Technical Solution
market-specific locator equipment and locandis Whitelabel app with hagebau checkout interface

The localization of users on the sales floor takes place via an area-wide locator infrastructure. The locators can either be installed as stand-alone retro-fittings throughout the store or, among other things, integrated into a new LED lighting system from InnoGreen. This eliminates a large part of the maintenance effort, as the locandis chips are operated directly via the power supply of the luminaire infrastructure.

The locandis Deployment App is used for measuring and calibrating the locators. This enables a 100% digitized deployment process within 24 hours. Via a connection to the locandis backend system, this process can be fully automated and, if required, carried out by external service providers or the company’s own employees.

locandis locator Validierung

Communication with customers’ smartphones takes place via the energy-saving Bluetooth 5.1 protocol. This means that the position of customers can be determined continuously without draining the smartphone battery. Outdoors, the position can also be determined using the smartphone’s GPS position.

locandis Whitelabel App

The locandis Whitelabel App, which was also used for the WIGGI app of C. J. Wigger KG, already contains all the functionalities and only needs to be adapted to the appropriate design language of the retailer. For customers, this process is not noticeable and the “look & feel” of a native hagebau app is ensured. An interface individually adapted to the hagebau checkout system enables integration into the existing hardware.

Functions of the locandis Whitelabel App

  • Fast deployment of the app for Android and iOS

    You want to start the project immediately? No problem, our whitelabel app is available in the app store in 24 hours.

  • Individual selection of the components of your digital loyalty card

    Couponing, Navigation, Social Sharing etc.

  • Customize the registration of your customers to your individual needs

    e.g. query of preferences, integration of the hagebau partner card or query of the birthday for individual congratulations.

  • Promotion of the app and optimization of the placement in Play and App Store

    We support all digital marketing activities to distribute your app.

  • Individual hagebau checkout interface with awarding of bonus points

    Unique live interface to the Hagebau checkout system enables a digital customer experience, e.g. by collecting bonus points as well as personalized coupons that can be targeted.

All information in 3 minutes

Digitale Kundenkarte erstellen

Your own customer app
What does the implementation require in your organization?

locandis actively supports you in all project phases and takes over a large part of the organizational work:

  • Planning of a locator infrastructure individually designed for your market
  • Planning, implementation and continuous evaluation of the campaigns
  • Support with the promotion of the app
  • Implementation of the hagebau-specific checkout interface
  • Placement of the apps in the Play and App Store

You can flexibly coordinate the scope of your own effort with us and thus take on exactly the effort that is worthwhile and can be sensibly implemented for your organization.

Do you have any questions or do you want to get started right away?

Contact us for the implementation of your own hagebaumarkt app:

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