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locandis is nominated by Business of Shopping as top technology company for retail in Germany

Göttingen, October 26, 2021: locandis was nominated in October 2021 as one of the 71 top technology companies for the retail industry in Germany. Startups and companies that contribute to the renewal of the retail technology industry and make brick-and-mortar retail more attractive and digital with exciting solutions and innovative technologies were nominated by Business of Shopping.

The entire size spectrum was represented, so that established brands were nominated in addition to young startups. The nomination was also based on the categories of innovation, growth, management and the social impact of the solution.

Business of Shopping nomination for location-based marketing technologies in offline retail

locandis was nominated for its technologies and applications in the field of location-based marketing. The use of the locandis solution digitizes the shopping experience in stationary retail and integrates the smartphone into the shopping process. Indoor navigation enables customers to be navigated to the products they are looking for in the store. The route is adapted in real time to the behavior and walking paths of the users, so that they are navigated in the fastest and most direct way to the product they are looking for.

Expertenbefragung zur Instore Navigation

On site, users then receive further information and offers on the products and services in the store based on their location and past shopping behavior. By delivering the messages when customers are in the buying situation, they are not perceived as a disruption. As a result, above-average open and redemption rates are achieved through location-based marketing campaigns.

locandis locators: Precise positioning to the meter through integration in the lighting system

To realize the precision and user experience of the locandis solution nominated by Business of Shopping, locandis’ own locators are used. Locandis locators are already in use in a large number of projects and enable the sending of location-based messages and the provision of precise indoor navigation as a central component of the Real-Time Locating System (RTLS). The communication between smartphone and locator is based on the very precise and power-saving Bluetooth 5.1 technology.

locandis locatoren

By integrating locandis locators into an LED lighting system, they are operated directly via the power supply of the luminaire infrastructure. A large part of the maintenance effort is eliminated because no batteries have to be replaced. Furthermore, the devices are characterized by a very constant output.
The precision and transmission strength of battery-powered locators can decrease when battery levels are very low, resulting in a poorer customer experience. The continuous power supply by the light system avoids this and can additionally increase the precision of the positioning by increasing the transmission strength.


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